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We’re going on a Boar Hunt

Toilday, 25 Rova, 4707 A.R.

Rising early, the heroes prepared for their morning hunt with Lord Foxglove. They met him in the mounting yard outside the Rusty Dragon—along with Steel’s mighty warhorse, Foxglove had procured horses for the other members of the party, along with a pony for Valjun, but the gnome was absent. They waited for him to arrive, but his brother Huvic came running up in his place, saying that Valjun had been taken ill and would not be coming. Aldern was disappointed, but set out nonetheless.

The Sandpoint Devil

The Sandpoint Devil

The party—including a dozen or so retainers and hunters that Lord Foxglove brought along—took the northern route to the Tickwood; with reported sightings of the Sandpoint Devil above Devil’s Platter nobody wanted to take any chances. The journey was only a couple of miles, but at their leisurely pace it gave the heroes and Lord Foxglove time to get to know each other.  He asked about their background, and they about his; he explained that while he was indeed born into the nobility, he considered it little more than an accident of birth, and that he was no different to the common man—not entitled to anything purely by the fact of his social position, and able to provide employment for many who were less well off. He said he took his obligations to the people seriously.