Saving the world, one villain at a time


Titus Scarnetti, Sandpoint Nobleman
Titus Scarnetti Background
Along with the Kaijitsus, the Valdemars and the Deverins, the Scarnettis were one of Sandpoint’s four founding families–and the closest thing Sandpoint has to nobility. Unlike the other three families, the Scarnetti family has long been open about their support for Korvosan rule of Varisia, and Titus is no different. Beaten in the race for mayor by Kendra Deverin a few years ago, Titus has nursed a grudge ever since.

Recent Events
While the Heroes initially suspected Titus of being involved with the goblin raid, when they discovered Tsuto’s involvement their suspicions were assuaged. This did not, however, stop Valjun from posting an incendiary letter, pinned to the door of the Sandpoint Cathedral, denouncing Titus as being behind the entire plot. The rumour appears to be taking hold…

Tsuto Kaijitsu, disowned half-brother to Ameiko
tsuto_kaijitsu Background
Born the year after Ameiko, Tsuto is the Kaijitsu family’s greatest embarrassment. Lonjiku Kaijitsu never got his wife Atsuii to admit who the father was, before she was killed by the Chopper in 4702. Mere days after he was born, Tsuto was left to the care of the Turandarok Academy, where he grew up, lonely and bitter. His sister Ameiko, who snuck in to see him against their father’s wishes, was his only comfort.

In 4700, Tsuto left Sandpoint for Magnimar, seeking his fortune. He came back two years later when his mother died, but when Lonjiku struck him with his cane rather than engage in civil conversation, Tsuto turned on his heel and left–but not before stealing one of the family’s ceremonial blades from Minkai.

Recent Events
Investigating Ameiko’s disappearance, the Heroes discovered Lonjiku dead in his own glassworks, and Tsuto commanding a warband of goblins. After dispatching the goblins and capturing the half-elf, the Heroes learned that the goblin raid at the Swallowtail Festival merely presaged a much greater attack, seemingly being coordinated by the Mosswood tribe. Tsuto is about to be shipped to Magnimar for trial. Ameiko’s attitude to her half-brother is now decidedly less charitable.


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