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Welcome to Sandpoint!

The town of Sandpoint
The town of Sandpoint

Sandpoint, light of the Lost Coast

In the frontier region of Varisia, the days are becoming shorter as the exuberance of summer gives way to the more solemn autumn, and attention is given to the serious matter of storing food for the winter. In the coastal town of Sandpoint, however, the townspeople are planning one last hurrah before the weather turns colder.

The Swallowtail Festival—an annual celebration sacred to followers of the goddess Desna—is about to begin. Sandpoint is a melting pot of cultures, with Chelaxian colonists mixing with those of Shoanti and Varisian heritage who have chosen to settle in the town. On the whole, life in Sandpoint is rather peaceful, especially when compared to the brutal regime in Korvosa, the cutthroat anarchy of Riddleport, or the political turmoil of Magnimar. Sheriff Belor Hemlock and Mayor Kendra Deverin have worked hard to make Sandpoint a place of tolerance, but not everyone shares their views on egalitarianism; at the most recent Town Council meeting firebrand nobleman Titus Scarnetti tried (unsuccessfully) to have the Festival altered to include an acknowledgement of Asmodeus as part of the official proceedings.

Unfortunately for the citizens of Sandpoint, this year’s Festival is destined to descend into horror and madness as past wrongs are inflamed by present passions, and the town is plunged into an uncertain future.

Where are the heroes who would put their lives on the line when Sandpoint needs them? Who will shoulder the burden, become a defender of Sandpoint, and perhaps set themselves on the road to greatness?

Stand up and be counted. Discover your destiny. Become a Hero of Sandpoint.