Saving the world, one villain at a time


This journal chronicles the adventures of the Heroes of Sandpoint as they face the greatest threat Golarion has ever known—the Rise of the Runelords.

Character Creation

Characters are created using the following rules:

  • 25 point-buy, or heroic rolling (2d6 + 6)
  • No evil characters
  • PCs are committed to a party with a general Chaotic Good outlook
  • No metamagic feats
  • No learning Thassilonian (or other dead languages) without someone to teach you first
  • Coins have no weight
  • Roll your starting wealth; if you get less than average, take the average
  • If you join after the campaign starts, take your average wealth by level
  • Anything written by Paizo is fair game, including all the sourcebooks; if in doubt, ask, and I’ll probably say yes (or give you an alternative)

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